Our Mission

Serving the control systems needs of our customers with Godly ethics, Godly values, and quality workmanship to develop a long-term mutually beneficial relationship based on trust.


Lone Star Controls is a full service control system company specializing in industrial automation. We design, build and install automation and control systems using the latest technology and the most skilled, customer-centric professionals.

Lone Star Controls strives for long-term relationships with our clients, our associates and our suppliers. To achieve this, Lone Star Controls supports and nurtures a highly innovative, experienced and motivated professional staff committed to excellence and client service. Founded in 2001, Lone Star Controls has built a reputation for delivering high-quality, service-oriented control systems to some of the world’s finest companies in the Electrical Utility, Turbine-Generator, Gas Compression, SCADA, and Oil & Gas industries.

Because we have built solutions for a diverse group of industries, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise not found anywhere else. This expertise has allowed us to provide our customers with superior automation solutions built to the highest level of industry standards. We specialize in PLC-based control systems, DCS systems, dedicated HMI panels, PC-based HMI software development, and advanced communication protocol implementation. Lone Star Controls has expertise with most PLC and HMI platforms.

As a full-service solution provider, we are dedicated to providing PLC software and hardware, HMI software and hardware, network designs, panel designs, electrical schematics, loop diagrams, cause & effect charts, and service that meet our customer's requirements and schedules. In our never-ending quest to pioneer new ways of thinking, to bring new technologies to practical applications and to conquer new markets in their earliest stages of development, we have become renowned as an industry innovator. Adapting to rapid change has become one of our greatest strengths.

Mike Ramsey
President Lone Star Controls




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Our commitment to quality and process improvement can best be seen by the way we empower our people to make customer–focused quality the highest priority in everything they do to ensure that we are delivering quality every day. Our staff has the experience, professionalism, and tools required to deliver quality control solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Our quality program is essentially hiring qualified, experienced people, focusing them on the customer, and giving them the tools they need to succeed. We believe that thorough testing and experienced staff is the best insurance of quality.

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