Lone Star Controls | Industrial Automation & Control

Customer Focus

Development Hardware and Software

Properly testing a control system throughout software development and upon completion of software is critical to providing a quality product to our customer. At LSC we understand that this means having the proper PLC, HMI, Networking, and Computer hardware and software on hand to properly test, so we have invested heavily in the latest automation hardware and software to accomodate our customers. LSC also maintains a large inventory of older or even obsolete equipment and software to serve our customers on their existing fleet of legacy systems.

Standardization - Organization / Communication

Our experience has shown us that standardizing the way that we plan, execute, and document our projects pays huge dividends to the customers we are priviledged to serve in the form cost savings and efficiency. By nature, we are a custom software and control system provider, so the projects we do are almost always different. Understanding this, we still strive to standardize where it makes sense.

Online Project Management

Relationships with our customers are paramount here at LSC. Constant and up to date communication is key to establishing and maintaining those relationships. Our online project management system was extablished years ago for exactly that reason. Both employees and customers can access the system we call ACE at any time to get up to date information on project progress, time sheets, meeting minutes, project documents, and scheduling.

Disaster Recovery

Based in Houston, at LSC we are no stranger to hurricanes and other acts of God that challenge our business. To help mitigate this risk, we have implemented several measures. All of our staff members are provided state of the art laptop computers with VPN access to our office to allow them to work from home if necessary. We maintain backup generation capacity to allow us to work through power outages. All of our internal company data and customer project data (about 4 Terabytes) is stored both on our local servers and offsite to prevent data loss.